Are there hidden fees?

No, there are no fees involved with the use of this website.

Is it just about recalls? is about much more than just recalls. It’s a multilevel social network that encourages users to help educate each other by spreading knowledge throughout the community. It is also a great way for registered users to keep track of their medications for doctor visits, pharmacy visits and any other activities that may require having a list of their medications handy.

Is my information secure?

Yes. Your privacy is very important to us. At Recall Guide, we are committed to maintaining your trust and confidence in us. Your personal information is safe, and is always kept private and confidential. As we are performing a service to the community, we have a deep ethical and moral obligation to ensure that your information is protected, secure and private.

Is your information credible?

Yes, information is gathered from official government sites, including that of the federal Food and Drug Administration.

What is My Medicines?

Add drugs to your medicine list and you gain access to information that you need if you are currently on any medication. We share information on FDA recalls and warnings and are building a community to share personal stories and information about all types of medications and their side effects. By signing up for Recall Guide, you can search for prescription and OTC medications you take and add them to your medicine list. Once registration is completed, you’ll receive updates on recalls and other FDA notices concerning those drugs.