[SURVEY RESULTS] What’s Your Political Take On Childhood Vaccines?

Vaccines for measles and chickenpox have been making the news in recent weeks. Parents, teachers, doctors and lawmakers have engaged in heated debates over the effectiveness and safety of vaccines for children. Without arguing the merits of the vaccines themselves, we decided to look at the politics underlying the debate. We surveyed adults to find out whether their political leanings – conservative, liberal or other – would correlate with their views on the safety of vaccines. The results may surprise you!

Political affiliation of

1. Do you believe that childhood vaccinations should be the decision of parents and not the government?
2. Do you believe that vaccines are more helpful than they are dangerous in most cases?
3. Do you believe that the MMR (Measles-Mumps-Rubella) vaccine causes autism?
4. Do you believe that the current debate about vaccines is politically driven?
5. Which party, Democrats or Republicans, stand on the right side of the debate?
6. Do you believe that some vaccines are dangerous and can cause serious adverse effects?
7. Do you believe that there is a financially driven conspiracy to drive vaccinations between the pharmaceutical industry and government?
8. Do you believe that doctors earn bonuses from pharmaceutical companies for administering vaccines?
9. Do you believe that certain children should be exempt from getting vaccines for a variety of reasons ranging from religion to pre-existing conditions?
10. Do you believe that vaccines should be mandatory regardless of circumstances to protect the greater good?

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