Need Some Cash? Here’s How People Make Money, With Little Effort, Using the Medical System.

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If you are in need of some fast cash, there are legal ways people can make money, with little effort, using the medical system. Quick money does not always need to be associated with illegal activity. Many people are able to make a substantial sum simply by donating a little part of themselves.

Here are some of the most common ways to make money using the medical system:

Donate Eggs for Money

Women who meet certain eligibility requirements may be interested in donating their eggs. Donating eggs is an extremely generous and kind act that can allow a woman, who was previously unable to conceive, to give birth to a child. Egg donors must be healthy. The egg donation process may take a few weeks, due to the donor having to take hormones to get the ovaries to produce multiple eggs, however the extraction itself is performed as an out-patient procedure. Compensation for egg donors generally ranges at $5,000 to $10,000, according to Egg Donation, Inc.

Sperm Donation

Men between the ages of 18 and 44 may be eligible to donate sperm in exchange for monetary compensation. Qualifications between sperm banks varies, however individuals must be healthy at the time of donation and have no family history of genetic disease. Sperm donors are often asked to commit to making multiple donations within a six-month period. Each donation is paid between $35 and $50 on average. The Sperm Bank Directory states that payments are generally made within six months of the final sperm donation.

Donate Blood Plasma

According to the American Red Cross, an estimated 15.7 million blood donations are received in the U.S. every year. The most valuable blood-related donations are those involving blood plasma, particularly Type AB-positive plasma, which can be transfused into patients of any blood type. Of course, donors can donate blood and blood plasma for free if they so wish. Blood plasma can also be donated for financial remuneration. ArsTechnica reports the FDA has banned monetary compensation for straight blood donation, yet does allow donors to receive other incentives such as gift cards.

Sell Breast Milk

Women who are interested in selling breast milk can do so at a rate of approximately $1 to $2 per ounce through websites such as Yahoo recently reported a story about a young mother who has earned more than $4,750 in the past year by selling her breast milk, primarily to chefs and body builders looking for a potent source of protein.

Donate or Sell Your Hair

Another relatively simple way to make money selling parts of your body is to sell your hair. Hair can be an extremely valuable commodity, particularly for individuals who are suffering from hair loss or who are going through cancer treatments. Those who wish to donate their hair can do so through charities such as Locks of Love. Those wishing to sell their hair for profit can do so by placing an ad on sites like or Depending on the length, condition, color and quality of your hair, you could earn between $100 and $4,000 for hair.

Other Medical Procedures That Could Earn You Cash

In addition to the above, there are a number of other medical procedures that could also earn you cash, but may require a little bit more time and effort on your part. Women who give birth can have a placenta encapsulated and sold online for cooking purposes or for straight consumption. Organs cannot be bought and sold here in the U.S., however bone marrow donors can receive compensation in the form of a charitable donation, scholarship, housing allowance or other means through organizations such as Qualifying individuals, who are willing and interested in participating in certain clinical trials, can also do so for cash. In some instances, up to $1,000 per trial can be earned.


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