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DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Measure equal volumes of 4XLA base and 4XLA activator into a clean dip cup/container and mix until the color is uniform throughout. Do not dilute. Mix only enough product for one milking of the herd. Dip cups should be washed after each milking.
Pre-Milking: If teats are visibly dirty, wash and dry teats with a single service towel prior to dipping. Before each cow is milked, dip the teats as far up as possible. Leave 4XLA teat dip on teats for at least 15-30 seconds. Wipe teats dry using a single service towel before milking.
Post-Milking: Immediately after milking, dip teats at least 2/3 to all their length in 4XLA Teat Dip. Allow to air dry. DO NOT WIPE OFF. 4XLA Teat Dip can be used as a post dip alone, or as a pre- and post-milking teat dip.
Always use freshly mixed, full strength 4XLA Teat Dip. If product in dip cup becomes visibly dirty , discard contents and fill with fresh 4XLA Teat Dip. 4XLA Teat Dip maybe diluted with water and safely flushed down the drain.


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4xla Base Manufacturers

  • Iba
    4xla Base (Sodium Chlorite) Liquid [Iba]

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