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Questions & Answers

Side Effects & Adverse Reactions


For vaginal use only.

Contains soy.

If pregnant or breast-feeding consult practitioner before use.

Keep out of reach of children.

Legal Issues

There is currently no legal information available for this drug.

FDA Safety Alerts

There are currently no FDA safety alerts available for this drug.

Manufacturer Warnings

There is currently no manufacturer warning information available for this drug.

FDA Labeling Changes

There are currently no FDA labeling changes available for this drug.



Promotes healthy tissue and mucosa. *


There is currently no drug history available for this drug.

Other Information

There are no additional details available for this product.

Antiox Manufacturers

  • Wise Woman Herbals
    Antiox (Calendula Officinalis And Natrum Muriaticum) Suppository [Wise Woman Herbals]

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