Atotop Intensive Moisture Essence

Atotop Intensive Moisture Essence

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Side Effects & Adverse Reactions


In case of having following symptoms after using this, you're advised to stop using it immediately. If you keep using it, the symptoms will get worse and need to consult a dermatologist.
  - In case of having problems such as red rash, swollenness, itching, stimulationduring usage.
  - In case of having the same symptoms above on the part you put this product on by direct sunlight.
You are banned to use it on the part where you have a scar, eczema, or dermatitis.

Legal Issues

There is currently no legal information available for this drug.

FDA Safety Alerts

There are currently no FDA safety alerts available for this drug.

Manufacturer Warnings

There is currently no manufacturer warning information available for this drug.

FDA Labeling Changes

There are currently no FDA labeling changes available for this drug.



Atotop does not use harmful colorants, synthetic fragrances and steroids.
Atotop reduces skin irritations since it uses only natural ingredients.
Atotop is the atopic care product with hypoallergenic and high moisturizing effects.
High concentrated moisture, reinforcement of skin wall, with a body friendly ingredient, the high absorption power of effective ingredient minimizes the skin irritation and relieves a dryness and itchiness of skin.


There is currently no drug history available for this drug.

Other Information

There are no additional details available for this product.

Atotop Intensive Moisture Essence Manufacturers

  • Mediway Korea Co., Ltd.
    Atotop Intensive Moisture Essence (Witch Hazel) Cream [Mediway Korea Co., Ltd.]

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