Better Braids Medicated

Better Braids Medicated

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Better Braids Medicated Shampoo is a special no-lather formula for easy braids cleaning and maintenance. Salicylic acid aids in the control of dandruff flakes. Helps condition weak, damaged hair.

Use the Complete BETTER BRAIDS medicated product line daily for all your styling needs. Better Braids Spray relieves frizz, breakage and dandruff while adding sheen and moisture. Better Braids Leave-In Conditioner and Hair & Scalp Oil are a great finish for that perfect sheen. Better Braids Gel adds needed moisture to your scalp and hair. Better Braids Un-Braid is the perfect detangler.

Le Shampooing medicianl Better Braids contient une formule special pour le nettoyage et l'entretien des nattes. L'acide salicylique qu'il contient controle l'apparition des pellicules. Il aide a restaurer les cheveux abimes.

Utilisez au quotidien la ligne complete de produits medicinaux Better Braids pour tous les besoins de votre chevelure. La laque Better Braids controle la frisure, les pellicules tout et donnant un eclatant brillant et en hydratant le cheveu. Le conditionner Better Braids apporte la touche finale et donne un parfait eclat. Le Gel Better Braids hydrate a la fois la chevelure et le cuir chevelu. Le Demelant Better Braids est un produit parfait.


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Better Braids Medicated Manufacturers

  • Keystone Laboratories
    Better Braids Medicated (Salicylic Acid) Shampoo [Keystone Laboratories]

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