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  • Use Della Barrier teat sanitizer undiluted.
  • Consult veterinarian before starting or continuing to use teat dip if cow's teats are sore or chapped.
  • Store at room temperature.
  • Do not use teat sanitizer for cleaning or sanitizing dairy equipment.
  • Discard any teat sanitizing solution that becomes dirty or contaminated for any reason.
  • Good dairy practices suggest the thorough cleaning and sanitizing of teats before milking to avoid contamination and assist in control of mastitis.


  • Immediately after removing milker unit, dip teat with Della Barrier
  • Allow Della Barrier to air dry.  Do not wipe off.
  • Do not expose teats to freezing conditions until they are dry.


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Della Barrier Manufacturers

  • Delaval
    Della Barrier (Iodine) Solution [Delaval]

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