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Easotic Otic

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Side Effects & Adverse Reactions

Human Warnings

Not for use in humans. Keep this and all drugs out of reach of children. In case of accidental skin contact, wash area thoroughly with water. Avoid contact with eyes.

Humans with known or suspected hypersensitivity to hydrocortisone, aminoglycoside antibiotics, or azole antifungals should not handle this product.

In case of accidental ingestion by humans, contact a physician immediately. Physicians may contact a Poison Control Center for advice concerning cases of ingestion by humans.

Animal Warnings

As a class, aminoglycoside antibiotics are associated with ototoxicity, vestibular dysfunction and renal toxicity. The use of EASOTIC® suspension in a dog with a damaged tympanic membrane can result in damage to the structures of the ear associated with hearing and balance or in transmission of the infection to the middle or inner ear. Immediately discontinue use of EASOTIC® suspension if hearing loss or signs of vestibular dysfunction are observed during treatment (see ADVERSE REACTIONS).

Legal Issues

There is currently no legal information available for this drug.

FDA Safety Alerts

There are currently no FDA safety alerts available for this drug.

Manufacturer Warnings

There is currently no manufacturer warning information available for this drug.

FDA Labeling Changes

There are currently no FDA labeling changes available for this drug.


EASOTIC® suspension is indicated for the treatment of otitis externa in dogs associated with susceptible strains of yeast (Malassezia pachydermatis) and bacteria (Staphylococcus pseudintermedius).


There is currently no drug history available for this drug.

Other Information

EASOTIC® suspension contains 1.11 mg/mL hydrocortisone aceponate, 15.1 mg/mL miconazole nitrate and 1.5 mg/mL gentamicin sulfate. The inactive ingredient is a semi-liquid petroleum jelly.

Easotic Otic Manufacturers

  • Virbac Ah, Inc.
    Easotic Otic (Hydrocortisone Aceponate, Miconazole Nitrate, And Gentamicin Sulfate) Suspension [Virbac Ah, Inc.]

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