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To help control and prevent Digital Dermatitis

Para ayudar a controlar y prevenir la Dermatitis Digital


NOT FOR HUMAN USE.  Do not use at full strength.  Dilute according to directions.  Read and follow label instructions carefully.  Consult a veterinarian for proper diagosis of digital dermatitis before using the product.  For best results, use this product as part of a complete hoof care program.

EasyStrideTM does not contain antibiotics, formaldehyde, copper sulfate, or any other heavy metal.  With complete hoof management, EasyStrideTM is proven to help efectively reduce environmental dirt and debris.

Use EasyStrideTM 3 to 5 times per week for maintenance.  In challenging weather conditions or when experiencing hygiene problems, increase frequency of EasyStrideTM up to 7 days per week.

Hoof Bath Applications - Application Method

For a 52 gallon hoof bath, mix thoroughly 1 gallon of EasyStrideTM with 49 gallons of water (2% solution).  Hoof bath dilutions are based on 200 cow walk-throughs, after which it is recommended the hoof bath solution be discarded and replaced with fresh EasyStrideTM hoof bath solution.

If the capacity of the Hoof bath is unknown, use the following formula to calculate it:  Inside Length (feet) x Inside Width (feet) x Effective Depth (feet) x 7.46 = Gallon Capacity of Hoof Bath.

The effective depth is the depth of hoof bath solution that is going to be used and not the measurement from the bottom to the lip of the bath.

Spray-On Applications

Prepare a fresh solution of EasyStrideTM, mixing 1 ounce of concentrated product with 49 ounces of clean water (2% solution).  Rinse hooves thoroughly with water or with diluted (1 ounce to 2 gallons water) DeLaval Hoof Cleaner HC40TM to remove mud and manure.  Then saturate each hoof and heel of the cow with the solution.  Spray daily until favorable results are observed.  If the solution becomes contaminated, discard and prepare fresh EasyStrideTM spray-on solution.


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Easystride Manufacturers

  • Delaval
    Easystride (Formic Acid, Lactic Acid) Concentrate [Delaval]

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