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A veterinarian should be consulted before use of copper sulfate in a foot bath solution as an aid in the management of foot problems in cattle. Foot bath final solutions should be a 2 - 10% aqueous solutions with an immersion time of 5 to 20 minutes twice daily for a period of time as prescribed by a veterinarian. To achieve a 2% solution, add 2 lbs. {.91 kg} copper sulfate to 11.8 gallons water. To achieve a 10% solution, add 10 lbs {4.54 kg} copper sulfate to 10.8 gallons of water. Keep foot baths clean during treatment period. Do not allow cattle to drink from foot baths as copper sulfate is highly toxic. HANDLING: Use ventilation adequate to keep exposures below recommended exposure limits.
See. MSDS.


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Flu-tone Manufacturers

  • Energetix Corp
    Flu-tone (Homeopathic Liquid) Liquid [Energetix Corp]

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