Givenchy Fluid Foundation Airy-light Mat Radiance Spf 20 Tint 4

Givenchy Fluid Foundation Airy-light Mat Radiance Spf 20 Tint 4

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ECLAT MATISSIME Fluid Foundation Mat Radiance - Airy-light Texture SPF 20 - PA++  As airy-light as silk chiffon, a fluid featuring a new radiant mattness that reveals the fine texture and glow of the skin: the dream of imperfect complexions has finally come true.  Some matifying foundations absorb excess oil so aggressively that they end up exacerbating its production through a boomerang effect. With the delicateness of lightweight chiffon, ECLAT MATISSIME achieves the feat of matifying the complexion instantly and lastingly while respecting the skin's balance and allowing it to breathe day after day. This perfectionist makeup prolongs the skincare action by purifying fresh mat complexion.  Dual matifying  technology : instant and lasting  The innovative, smart-acting and soft micro-beads contained in ECLAT MATISSIME contribute to an instantly radiant mat effect that lasts throughout the day:  - instant mat finish: the airy structure of the silica beads, made up of numerous microcanals, optimizes the absorption of oil and moisture while allowing the skin to breathe for improved comfort.  - lasting mattness: zinc beads contribute to regulating oil in a targeted way' to help the skin regain and preserve its balance. On oily zones, the lipid envelope of the zinc beads is dissolved to release the zinc and let it act. On dry or normal areas of the skin, the envelope remains intact, therefore not releasing the zinc and so preventing skin from drying.  To prolong color hold, the pigments are protected by an amino acid coating in perfect harmony with the skin.  Purifying and refining action  Ginger extract works to purify the skin day after day, while the astringent properties of pimpernel and cinnamon extracts instantly help tighten pores and smooth out skin texture.  Weightless fluid for a mat and luminous complexion  Inspired by silk chiffon, the extremely liquid texture of ECLAT MATISSIME enhances the skin with a subtle veil of luminous, unifying mattness that lets the skin's radiance and fine texture glow through. Soft and comfortable, the foundation glides very easily over the skin. All day long, the complexion is mat, luminous and perfectly even, the skin is protected (SPF 20) and translucent.  Clinical test conducted on 31 women after 4 weeks of daily application:  Sensation of lasting mattness: 94%   Lasting radiance: 90%
                       Lets the skin breathe: 97%                  Does not dry the skin: 100%
Directions for use: apply with the fingertips, smoothing over the skin from the middle toward the outer edge of the face. This foundation does not require powder for a natural effect. For velvety skin in the evening or touch-ups during the day, Matissime compact can be applied to the oiliest areas.  Shake the bottle prior to each use for a perfectly consistent texture and color. Close well after use.  tested in vitro.  WARNING: for external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Discontinue use if signs or irritation appear. Keep out of reach of children.

Givenchy Fluid Foundation Airy-light Mat Radiance Spf 20 Tint 4 Manufacturers

  • Lvmh Fragrance Brands
    Givenchy Fluid Foundation Airy-light Mat Radiance Spf 20 Tint 4 (Titanium Dioxide) Liquid [Lvmh Fragrance Brands]

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