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Side Effects & Adverse Reactions

Concentrated extract must be diluted with sterile diluent prior to first use on a patient for treatment or intradermal testing. All concentrates of allergenic extract are manufactured to assure high potency and therefore have the ability to cause serious local and systemic reactions, including death in sensitive patients 11. Patients should be informed of this risk and precautions should be discussed prior to initiating immunotherapy (see PRECAUTIONS below).
Allergenic extract should be temporarily withheld from patients or the dose adjusted downward if any of the following conditions exist: 1) severe symptoms of rhinitis and/or asthma; 2) infection or flu accompanied by fever; 3) exposure to excessive amounts of clinically relevant allergen prior to a scheduled injection.
The dosage must be reduced when starting a patient on fresh standardized mite extract or when transferring a patient from non-standardized or modified extract to standardized extract, even though the labeled strength of the old and new vials may be the same. This is necessary due to a loss of extract potency during storage in the physician's office. The mite allergen content of old and new extract may be compared and adjusted by dosage reduction and/or dilution before the new extract is administered. The amount of new extract given should not exceed 25% of the last dose given from the old vial, assuming both extracts contain comparable amounts of mite allergen. Any evidence of a local or generalized reaction requires a reduction in dosage during the initial stages of immunotherapy, as well as during maintenance therapy.
Beta-blocking drugs may make patients refractory to the usual dose of epinephrine, in the event epinephrine is required to treat an adverse allergic reaction.

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Standardized mite extract is indicated for use in the diagnosis of patients with a history of allergy to mites or house dust and for the treatment of patients with a history of mite allergy who have established sensitivity to mites by diagnostic skin testing.
The use of mite extract for the above purposes should be made only by physicians with special familiarity and knowledge of allergy as described in a standard allergy textbook 10.


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Other Information

Mite extract is a sterile solution containing the extractables of mite whole bodies in 0.25% sodium chloride, 0.125% sodium bicarbonate, 50% glycerol by volume and 0.4% phenol as a preservative. The mites are grown on a medium of yeast and pork and are handled and cleaned in a manner to remove more than 99% of the food medium. The medium contains no material of human origin.
This extract may be administered by the scratch, prick-puncture, or intradermal methods of skin testing for diagnostic purposes and subcutaneously for therapeutic purposes as directed under Dosage and Administration.
Intradermal skin tests in patients who were puncture test positive (Sum E ≥ 40 mm) to either D. farinae or D. pteronyssinus extract were performed with extracts of the mite food medium obtained from the same supplier. The results, submitted to the FDA by several manufacturers, were as follows: By intradermal testing, there was 1 positive (Sum E ≥ 20 mm) in 44 individuals at an estimated 1% level of medium content (approximately the same as contained in the mite extract). At a ten-fold increase (estimated 10% medium content), 4 positives in 40 individuals were observed. Two of the individuals who were skin test positive to the mite extract and who also were skin test positive to the medium extract were also skin test positive to an extract of yeast (Saccharomyces sp.) when tested by the puncture method.
The extract is standardized by comparing its relative potency by ELISA competition to a U.S. reference mite extract available from the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The U.S. reference extract has been assigned a potency of 10,000 AU/mL based on quantitative skin testing1.

House Dust Mite Manufacturers

  • Allermed Laboratories, Inc.
    House Dust Mite, Dermatophagoides Farinae Injection House Dust Mite, Dermatophagoides Pteronyssinus Injection [Allermed Laboratories, Inc.]

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