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Side Effects & Adverse Reactions

HYDRO 35 is for external use only. It is not for ophthalmic, oral, anal or intravaginal use. Contact with eyes, lips and all mucous membranes should be avoided. HYDRO 35 should not be used by persons who have a known hypersensitivity to urea or any of the other listed ingredients.

Legal Issues

There is currently no legal information available for this drug.

FDA Safety Alerts

There are currently no FDA safety alerts available for this drug.

Manufacturer Warnings

There is currently no manufacturer warning information available for this drug.

FDA Labeling Changes

There are currently no FDA labeling changes available for this drug.


For enzymatic debridement and promotion of normal healing of surface lesions, particularly where healing is retarded by local infection, necrotic tissue, fibrinous or purulent debris, or eschar. Topically applied urea is useful for the treatment of hyperkeratotic conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis, xerosis, ichthyosis, eczema, keratosis, keratoderma, and dry, rough skin, as well as corns and calluses and damaged, ingrown and devitalized nails.


There is currently no drug history available for this drug.

Other Information

HYDRO 35 is a keratolytic emollient in a water and lipid based foam containing lactic acid which is a gentle, but potent, tissue softener for skin and nails. Each gram of HYDRO 35 contains Urea 35% as the active ingredient, and the following inactive ingredients: dimethicone, ethylparaben, glycerin, lactic acid, methylparaben, phenoxyethanol, polysorbate 20, povidone, propylene glycol, propylparaben, purified water, stearic acid, trolamine, and in propellants butane and propane.

Hydro 35 Manufacturers

  • Quinnova Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    Hydro 35 (Urea In A Water And Lipid Based Foam Containing Lactic Acid) Aerosol, Foam [Quinnova Pharmaceuticals, Inc.]

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