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Lymphomyosot® Injection Solution is classified as a homeopathic combination drug.

Botanical Ingredients:
Equisetum hyemale (Horsetail), Fumaria officinalis (Common fumitory), Gentiana lutea (Yellow gentian), Geranium robertianum (Herb Robert), Juglans regia (Walnut), Myosotis arvensis (Forget-me-not), Nasturtium aquaticum (Watercress), Pinus sylvestris (Scotch Pine), Sarsaparilla (Wild liquorice), Scrophularia nodosa (Figwort), Teucrium scorodonia (Wood-germander), Veronica officinalis (Common speedwell).

Mineral Ingredients:
Calcarea phosphorica (Tribasic calcium phosphate), Ferrum iodatum (Ferrous iodide), Natrum sulphuricum (Disodium sulfate).

Animal-derived ingredients:
Aranea diadema (Papal-cross spider), Levothyroxine (L-thyroxine).

Lymphomyosot ® Injection Solution is indicated for the temporary relief of swelling due to poor circulation, minor injury and environmental toxins.



There is currently no drug history available for this drug.

Other Information

Injection Solution Ingredient Information: Each 1.1ml ampule contains: Geranium robertianum 4X 1.1 mcl, Nasturtium aquaticum 4X 1.1 mcl, Ferrum iodatum 12X 1.1 mcl, Juglans regia 3X 0.55 mcl, Myosotis arvensis 3X 0.55 mcl, Scrophularia nodosa 3X 0.55 mcl, Teucrium scorodonia 3X 0.55 mcl, Veronica officinalis 3X 0.55 mcl, Equistetum hyemale 4X 0.55 mcl, Fumaria officinalis 4X 0.55 mcl, Natrum sulphuricum 4X 0.55 mcl, Pinus sylvestris 4X 0.55 mcl, Gentiana lutea 5X 0.55 mcl, Aranea diadema 6X 0.55 mcl, Sarsaparilla 6X 0.55 mcl, Calcarea phosphorica 12X 0.55 mcl, Levothyroxine 12X 0.55 mcl. Inactive Ingredients: Sterile Isotonic sodium chloride solution.

Lymphomyosot Manufacturers

  • Hameln Pharma Gmbh
    Lymphomyosot (Geranium Robertianum And Rorippa Nasturtium-aquaticum And Tribasic Calcium Phosphate And Levothyroxine And ) Injection [Hameln Pharma Gmbh]
  • Heel Inc
    Lymphomyosot (Geranium Robertianum, Nasturtium Officinale, Ferrous Iodide, Juglans Regia Leaf, Juglans Regia Fruit Rind, Immature, Myosotis Arvensis, Scrophularia Nodosa, Teucrium Scorodonia Flowering Top, Veronica Officinalis Flowering Top, Equisetum Hyemale, Fumaria Officinalis Flowering Top, Sodium Sulfate, Pinus Sylvestris Flowering Top,gentiana Lutea Root, Araneus Diadematus, Smilax Regelii Root, Tribasic Calcium Phosphate And Levothyroxine) Injection [Heel Inc]

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