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Bupropion hydrochloride extended-release tablets, USP (SR) are indicated for the treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD), as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM).

The efficacy of bupropion in the treatment of a major depressive episode was established in two 4-week controlled inpatient trials and one 6-week controlled outpatient trial of adult subjects with MDD [see Clinical Studies (14)].

The efficacy of bupropion in maintaining an antidepressant response for up to 44 weeks following 8 weeks of acute treatment was demonstrated in a placebo-controlled trial [see Clinical Studies (14)].


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Other Information

Bupropion hydrochloride extended-release tablets, USP (SR) an antidepressant of the aminoketone class, is chemically unrelated to tricyclic, tetracyclic, selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor, or other known antidepressant agents. Its structure closely resembles that of diethylpropion; it is related to phenylethylamines. It is designated as (±)-1-(3-chlorophenyl)-2-[(1,1‑ dimethylethyl)amino]-1-propanone hydrochloride. The molecular weight is 276.2. The molecular formula is C13 H18 ClNO•HCl. Bupropion hydrochloride powder is white, crystalline, and highly soluble in water. It has a bitter taste and produces the sensation of local anesthesia on the oral mucosa. The structural formula is:

Chemical Structure

Bupropion hydrochloride extended-release tablets, USP (SR) are supplied for oral administration as 100 mg, 150 mg, and 200 mg white to off-white, film-coated, extended-release tablets. Each tablet contains the labeled amount of bupropion hydrochloride and the following inactive ingredients: hydroxypropyl cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, colloidal silicon dioxide, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, and diluted hydrochloric acid. The film coating contains lactose monohydrate, hydroxypropyl cellulose, titanium dioxide, and polyethylene glycol.

Rugby Aspirin Manufacturers

  • Rugby Laboratories
    Rugby Aspirin (Aspirin) Tablet, Chewable [Rugby Laboratories]

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