Tdc 20 Concentrate

Tdc 20 Concentrate

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Manufacturing instructions must be developed by the formulator prior to use of this product.  Consult Material Safety Data Sheet before using.

NOTE TO FORMULATOR:  Mix well in drum before sampling and before each use.  Avoid contact with soft metals.

TDC 20 CONCENTRATE will flow and mix more easily if a day or two prior to formulating it is gradually warmed to 70 deg F - 100 deg F and then slowly added in a thin stream while mixing.

TDC 20 CONCENTRATE is an iodophor concentrate based on iodine and non-ionic surfactants.  It is specially formulated as a base of manufacturing topical iodine products.

TDC 20 CONCENTRATE contains no phosphates.

TDC 20 CONCENTRATE may be used to manufacture topical animal health care products and related antimicrobials.  TDC 20 CONCENTRATE is not intended for use as a component of iodophor based sanitizers and disinfectants.

It is the responsibility of the distributor of topical antimicrobials to obtain any necessary regulatory approval from the Food and Drug Administration for products formulated from TDC 20 CONCENTRATE which carry specific label directions for treatment or prevention of animal diseases.


There is currently no drug history available for this drug.

Other Information

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Tdc 20 Concentrate Manufacturers

  • Westagro, Inc.
    Tdc 20 Concentrate (Iodine) Solution, Concentrate [Westagro, Inc.]

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