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Uddergold Plus Base

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UDDERgold PLUS Germicidal Barrier Teat Dip is used an an aid in reducing the spread of organisms which may cause mastitis. The gel formulation provides a protective barrier over the teat end until the next milking.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Add equal volumes of UDDERgold PLUS base and activator to a clean container and mix until the color is uniform throughout. Mix only enough product for one milking of the herd. The average amount of product used is less than 1/4 ounce per cow per milking.Discard any unused teat dip. Rinse dip cups and equipment with tap water after each milking.

APPLICATION: Immediately after milking, dip teats at least 2/3 to all their length in UDDERgold PLUS Germicidal Teat Dip. Allow to air dry. Do not wipe. Always use freshly mixed UDDERgoldPLUSGermicidal Teat Dip. If product in dip cup becomes visibly dirty, discard contents and fill with fresh UDDERgold PLUS Teat Dip. Do not turn cows out in freezing weather until teat dip is completely dry. Prior to next milking, pre-dip or wash teats thoroughly with a compatible pre-dip or udder wash using proper procedures. When a cow is being dried off dip the teats once a day for several days after the last milking. Under normal conditions UDDERgold PLUS Germicidal Teat Dip will remain on teats for at least 24 hours. Approximately 10 days prior to calving, dip teats twice a daily with UDDERgold Teat Dip

Contains Thickening Agents and Emoilients

Note1: If teat irritation occurs, discontinue use until irritation subsides. Consult your veterinarian and milking equipment service personnel if irritation persists.

Note 2:AVOIDFREEZING. However, freezing will not affect this product provided that the contents are thawed completely and agitated thoroughly before mixing base and activator together.

Note 3: The gold color in the mixed product fades with time. At higher temperatures he fading is more rapid. However this will not affect the efficacy of the product.

AVOID FREEZING: If product is exposed to freezing temperatures, components must be mixed thoroughly prior to use

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  • Iba
    Uddergold Plus Base (Sodium Chlorite) Liquid [Iba]

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