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VANCOCIN CAPSULES are indicated for the treatment of C. difficile-associated diarrhea. VANCOCIN CAPSULES are also used for the treatment of enterocolitis caused by Staphylococcus aureus (including methicillin-resistant strains). Parenteral administration of vancomycin is not effective for the above infections; therefore, VANCOCIN CAPSULES must be given orally for these infections.

Orally administered VANCOCIN is not effective for other types of infections.

To reduce the development of drug-resistant bacteria and maintain the effectiveness of VANCOCIN CAPSULES and other antibacterial drugs, VANCOCIN CAPSULES should be used only to treat infections that are proven or strongly suspected to be caused by susceptible bacteria. When culture and susceptibility information are available, they should be considered in selecting or modifying antibacterial therapy. In the absence of such data, local epidemiology and susceptibility patterns may contribute to the empiric selection of therapy.


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Other Information

VANCOCIN CAPSULES for oral administration contain chromatographically purified vancomycin hydrochloride, a tricyclic glycopeptide antibiotic derived from Amycolatopsis orientalis (formerly Nocardia orientalis), which has the chemical formula C66H75Cl2N9O24•HCl. The molecular weight of vancomycin hydrochloride is 1485.73; 500 mg of the base is equivalent to 0.34 mmol.

The capsules contain vancomycin hydrochloride equivalent to 125 mg (0.08 mmol) or 250 mg (0.17 mmol) vancomycin. The capsules also contain F D & C Blue No. 2, gelatin, iron oxide, polyethylene glycol, titanium dioxide, and other inactive ingredients.

Vancomycin hydrochloride has the structural formula:

chemical structure

Vancocin Manufacturers

  • Ani Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    Vancocin (Vancomycin Hydrochloride) Capsule [Ani Pharmaceuticals, Inc.]
  • Cardinal Health
    Vancocin (Vancomycin Hydrochloride) Capsule [Cardinal Health]
  • Viropharma
    Vancocin (Vancomycin Hydrochloride) Capsule [Viropharma]

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