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Wellmind Vertigo

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WellMindTM Vertigo Tablets are a homeopathic drug product indicated for the treatment of vertigo/dizziness ofvarious origins; mild cognitive impairment (MCI) such as lack of concentration and forgetfulness.


There is currently no drug history available for this drug.

Other Information

Each 300 mg tablet contains:

Active Ingredients:

Ingredient name               Potency        Quantity    Final dilution

Anacardium orientale        6X                 10 mg        7.5X

Cocculus indicus               4X                 210 mg      4.15X

Conium maculatum           3X                 30 mg       4X

Petroleum                        8X                 20 mg       9.2X

Selenium metallicum        6X                 10 mg       7.5X

Selenium metallicum        12X               10 mg      13.5X

Selenium metallicum       30X                10 mg      31.5X

Wellmind Vertigo Manufacturers

  • Medinatura Inc.
    Wellmind Vertigo (Semecarpus Anacardium Juice, Anamirta Cocculus Seed, Conium Maculatum Flowering Top, Kerosene, And Selenium) Tablet [Medinatura Inc.]

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