Zenol Mild Hot

Zenol Mild Hot

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Side Effects & Adverse Reactions

1. while skin irritations such as redness, eruption, or itchiness are uncommon, but if they would occur, discontinue usage and consult a physician or a pharmacist
2. if painful symptoms do no improve after application for several days, discontinue usage and consul with a physician or a pharmacist

Legal Issues

There is currently no legal information available for this drug.

FDA Safety Alerts

There are currently no FDA safety alerts available for this drug.

Manufacturer Warnings

There is currently no manufacturer warning information available for this drug.

FDA Labeling Changes

There are currently no FDA labeling changes available for this drug.


step 1:  remove the colored protective sheet from the adhesive tape strip
step 2: attach the cotton side of Zenol medicated patch to the adhesive tape
step 3: remove the transparent protective film from the patch, and also the remainder of the colored protective sheet (the two strips with arrows on the side)
step 4: apply one or twice daily or as needed, to the affected skin surface
step 5: following the use, tightly close and fold the open end of the pack, in order to preserve the efficacy of the remaining patch


There is currently no drug history available for this drug.

Other Information

There are no additional details available for this product.

Zenol Mild Hot Manufacturers

  • Green Cross Corp
    Zenol Mild Hot (Methyl Salicylate) Poultice [Green Cross Corp]

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